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"What an amazing and elegant evening bag. The quality and beauty of the evening clutch compliments any outfit day or night but the exquisiteness and softness of the leather is like no other. I LOVE my SERU!!!!!" - Liz (Toronto)

"I own several SERU handbags and the design, quality and workmanship is outstanding. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stopped and asked where I got my bag. They are truly unique and special!" - Christine (Toronto)

"I absolutely LOVE my SERU handbags and can not say enough about the design and quality of the bags. I can honestly say that I have not seen anything like them elsewhere in Toronto and without fail I always receive compliments when people see them." - Patty (Toronto)

"Best purchase ever, I am so in love with my Bali bag! SERU's bags are delicate, elegant, one of a kind, and it is exactly how it makes me feel." - Norma (Toronto)

"I absolutely LOVE this bag (Amsterdam)! I fell in love with the design and the shape of it when I first saw a photo of it, but the pictures really don't do it justice. The feel of the goat skin leather has a soft suede texture that is so luxurious and unexpected because of the snakeskin look. It fits my phone, keys, lipstick perfectly and is roomier than I initally expected. The only problem now is that I want it in the gold, silver AND red!" - Michica (Toronto)

"To date I have bought three SERU purses for the important women in my life and they all just love them. They all receive compliments from complete strangers where ever they go. A SERU purse after all is not just an accessory but rather a work of art in your hand or on your shoulder everyday. It is my policy to invest more in the accessories that you use all the time: eye wear, belts, shoes, coats, and for women a SERU purse. The perfect gift for that special woman in your life."- Erwin Szeto –
"I bought the brown Bali leather bag. I get compliments on this bag wherever I go. The leather quality and the make is really excellent, like any other high end designer leather bags in the market. The design on the bag is so unusual and unique that I feel that I am carrying a very exclusive bag. I used it while traveling as well and it was just the right size. Very comfortably fits  all your stuff very easily.
My sister bought the red Toronto bag and it is so beautiful that I plan to get the blue Toronto bag for myself. The suede leather with it's exotic intricate embroidery design is exceptionally unique. Every time she puts her bag on the sales counter to take out her credit card, she gets complimented on her bag from the sales personnel, even at exclusive designer stores. So I definitely will buy one of those soon before they stop making them. The company states on their website that these are limited edition bags, so it is nice to know that these bags will not become as common as the other designer bags I have. I will definitely follow this company's products and their new arrivals/sales regularly as there are quite a few beautiful bags on their website that I have my eye on. Would certainly recommend these bags...very high in quality and design." -
Vera (Washington DC)